Published December 13, 2016

Lake Effect

There is very little data on the methane levels in the Great Lakes, the world’s largest collection of freshwater. Rochester students and their professor want to change that.

Freshwater bodies can be major natural sources of methane. John Kessler and his students embark on a first-time study of methane levels in the Great Lakes.
University of Rochester
Published December 5, 2016

Pearl Harbor at 75: When war came to campus

How America’s entry into World War II changed and challenged the lives of Rochester students and faculty.

University of Rochester
Published November 30, 2016

“I remember the courage with which they faced the unknown.”

On World AIDS Day, University of Rochester researchers, activists, and archivists look back—and ahead—in the fight against AIDS.

University of Rochester
Published November 4, 2016

Voices of an election

For University faculty and students, the 2016 election season has been an experience in teaching and learning.

University of Rochester
Published September 4, 2016

Star Trek’s Half-Century Voyage

Rochester faculty and alumni have composed its theme, written episodes, and reflected deeply on why Star Trek resonates.

University of Rochester
Published July 20, 2016

Home Team Advantage

In the past four decades, a Rochester program and its graduates have been helping to shape the field of sports medicine.

University of Rochester
Published June 27, 2016

Music in the American Wild

A project of Eastman School of Music students and alumni is bringing newly composed works to majestic locations during the National Park Service’s centennial year celebrations.

University of Rochester
Published June 21, 2016

Searching for words

What’s at stake when languages disappear?

University of Rochester
Published April 12, 2016

“My Dear Henry...”

Generations join forces to bring a digital archive of Victorian-era letters to life.

University of Rochester
Published April 1, 2016

Wilson Commons at 40

April 4, 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the dedication of Wilson Commons at the University of Rochester. Wilson Commons was designed by famed architect I.M. Pei.
University of Rochester
Published March 15, 2016

A honey of an exhibit

Art and science converge at an exhibit of hundreds of portraits of bees at the student-run Hartnett Gallery.

Hartnett Gallery, a uniquely student-managed curation of art exhibits, is currently home to “Pinpoints of Perception” by Arizona artist Heather Green. Green paints life-size portraits of bees, drawing from research and field trips with U of R biologist Robert Minckley, who has amassed a collection of 65,000 bees in Hutchison Hall.
University of Rochester
Published February 19, 2016

Charles Augustus Thompson

Class of 1891

Published February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sue B.

Monday, Feb. 15, 2016 marks the 196th birthday of American civil rights and social justice leader, Susan B. Anthony.

Published February 11, 2016

Love is sweet ... and so is science

Research into relationships, love, wine, and happiness makes for an ‘Ever Better’ Valentine’s Day

from the University of Rochester
Published January 25, 2016

Artistic Endeavor

A new institute aims to bring the performing arts to all students.

By Kathleen McGarvey, University of Rochester
Published October 23, 2015

A Musical Time Machine

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the installation of an instrument that was almost destroyed.

Published July 23, 2015

Saxophone Heaven

Eastman’s saxophonists are earning exceptional accolades under the guidance of Chien-Kwan Lin ’07E (DMA)

Eastman’s saxophonists are earning exceptional accolades under the guidance of Chien-Kwan Lin ’07E (DMA)
by Kathleen McGarvey; photos by Matt Wittmeyer/AP Images for Rochester Review
Published December 23, 2014

Fifty years ago, Paul Burgett arrived at the University of Rochester.

Neither has been the same since.